Los Grandes Vinos Nacen en el Viñedo

That is where the secrets of a good wine are kept. In our land, in our vineyards, in each vine clinging to the steep slopes. That is where the essence of our wine is found.

Cortino La Candada, a vineyard with hundred-year-old vines. Bruñal, a grape on the verge of extinction. Words I didn’t tell you, the flavour of a land, that which makes the difference between a good wine and a unique wine.

Elaborados con el Alma de Generaciones

Our job is to make intense and unforgettable wines, fully expressive of the terroir. The history of Francisco Rodríguez Garrote is the history of excellence in signature wine.

Each of the vineyards is divided into plots, according to the composition of the soil, and they are cultivated and harvested separately with the aim of extracting from them their authentic expression.

El Proceso

El cuidado de nuestros vinos, desde el cultivo hasta la conservación en bodega, les confiere ese sabor exclusivo de la tierra donde han nacido.