This is a unique variety that has survived thanks to the orographically rugged and costly cultivation of our vineyards, thus preserving populations of vines of great genetic interest.

It is an incredibly special grape that is only found in this wine region and there is hardly any information about its origin. It has a short vegetative cycle and excessive vigour with a semi-erect growth habit and rapid ripening with a risk of raisining.

It stands out for its tannin content due to its characteristic lignification of the stalk and pips, its polyphenolic concentration and its fruity aromatic intensity.

Vineyard Arribes del Duero

It is a minority variety of very limited cultivation with a very high-quality potential, located in old vineyards in the production area of the Arribes del Duero Denomination of Origin.

It presents bouquet and flavours of forest fruits and a high content of polyphenols. Very characteristic features of cherry-red colour, medium coverage and some reminiscence of blue-violet tones; medium-high aromatic intensity, with notorious primary aromas, balanced taste, well-structured, with well-assembled acidity and ripe fruit tones in retronasal phase.

The Bruñal variety stands out for its semi-erect canes and pentagonal leaf shape, with three lobes, small size, and a short petiole length.

Cluster size and berry size are small, the clusters being cylindrical and usually compact and the berry is rather spherical and bluish-black in colour.