Our story is Francisco Rodriguez Garrote’s history and his heritage. He was for years pioneering and discovering a new and unique variety of grape, the Bruñal . The Bruñal vines have been showing off for over a hundred years on the steep slate slopes located in Arribes del Duero, Spain.

Francisco, winegrower, toyed with the idea of planting these unique grape Bruñal vines and symbolizes his conscientious effort and work because he knew this was a very special place, because its  privileged climate  and richness of its soil.

Francisco Rodriguez Garrote began to make wine with this special and unique Bruñal grape while the rest of winegrowers were discarding it.

Thus, Bodegas Francisco Rodriguez Garrote was born after him.

Palabras que no te dije (Words I didn’t tell you) reflects the character of his founder over the years and in this way we’ve been proudly focus on this unique and amazing variety of grape that provides us with a very special and small production of wines that we hope will invite you to raise a glass of  Palabras que no te dije and wish you very happy toasts in the future.

Join our story and legacy…

Palabras que no te dije

Those words are found today in this unique wine. There is nothing but passion, heart, effort and the fruit of those old vines you loved so much. A big I love you and a million thanks.